50 Carnival Passengers Have Filed A Class Action Lawsuit Against The Company – Own Snap

Today the company’s shares trade at £ 1,547. Carnival Corporation shares fell 2.25% after the Financial Times reported that 50 Carnival passengers filed a class action lawsuit against the company claiming it “failed to protect passengers from COVID-19” on a recent cruise. Although nobody knew exactly what CAVID-19 was at the time, a senior doctor on board the liner informed the company management about a “flu-like illness” on board. However, management informed her that the ship could continue and even threatened passengers who booked a subsequent cruise on board with a 90 percent cancellation fee if they did not board. As a result, two passengers died and more than 100 passengers and crew became sick on two cruises aboard the liner before the CDC banned further cruises. Is it worth blaming Carnival for failing to foresee the threat of a pandemic and taking precautions that few suspected back then?

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