Headlines – June 21, 2021


Pentagon orders air defense systems to be withdrawn, troops from the Middle East
The US is reducing air defense systems and troop strength in the Middle East, while the Biden administration realigns its military stance to focus on fighting China and Russia.

Taliban invade key cities in northern Afghanistan after a quick offensive.
The setbacks come at a harrowing moment for Afghanistan as American and international troops will leave the country in the coming weeks.


Defense Department applies for $ 5.3 billion for the next phase of FCAS research
The German Ministry of Defense has submitted an application to lawmakers for approval of nearly 4.5 billion euros, or 5.3 billion US dollars, to be used to pay for the country’s contributions to the next stage of the Future Combat Air System.

Verizon wins $ 495 million contract for DoD research network
The US Department of Defense has awarded Verizon Public Sector a $ 495 million contract to supply the network that connects 200 research labs and supercomputer sites, the company said.

3M loses third lawsuit for huge mass military earplug offenses
A federal jury found on June 18 that 3M Co had failed to issue adequate safety warnings for its battle earplugs and that a U.S. Army veteran who said he developed tinnitus after using it received $ 1.7 million in damages, the second such judgment against the company.


These five army posts have the highest risk of sexual assault, a study shows-
Fort Hood and Fort Bliss, Texas top the list of military facilities where women are at the highest risk of sexual assault, considering several factors, according to a study by Rand Corp. published June 18. Fort Riley, Kansas; Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Fort Carson, Colorado round out the top five.

The US Air Force is delaying the expected decision of T-7A Milestone C and asking for less money.
The U.S. Air Force has postponed its expected Milestone-C decision on the Boeing T-7A Red Hawk jet trainer due to technical issues and is asking for less money for the program in fiscal 2022 than originally expected.

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