Legal-Bay Ups Pre-Settlement Funding Amounts On IVC Filter Lawsuit Cases

THE ANGEL, December 7, 2017 / PRNewswire / – Legal-Bay LLC, the Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding Company, today reports that it has increased its funding capital for plaintiffs seeking compensation for their malfunctioning IVC filters. The complainants allege that the manufacturer did not issue a warning of the device’s defects and is demanding compensation for negligence and breach of the implied warranty. A defective device can lead to personal injury and sometimes even death.

IVC filters are devices that inhibit blood clots in patients and prevent pulmonary embolism. 80% of the filters sold are issued by Bard (brand Eclipse) Vena cava Filter) and Cook (Celect brand IVC filters). The two companies have recently come under fire for faulty manufacture of the devices, including perforations, post-implant displacement, filter fractures, and general ineffectiveness.

Given the millions of dollars in active claims against the manufacturing giants, Legal-Bay has budgeted a large portion of its upfront settlement funds for these mass disputes. If you are wondering how much money can I get from my faulty IVC filter? or When will I be paid out of my IVC filter lawsuit? Legal-Bay may have the answers for you. An advance funding lawsuit can be of great help to claimants waiting for their cases to be resolved, especially if they are faced with financial difficulties for health reasons while they are unemployed.

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay, commented: “After carefully reviewing certain IVC filter cases, we raised our funding limits to $ 20K in selected cases. We are surpassing any other company in our commitment to receive IVC plaintiff monies now, even if their cases are still in question and in pre-settlement mode. “

Legal-Bay reminds plaintiffs that there is no guarantee of a settlement amount and that the defendant may choose to continue fighting his cases one at a time. Regardless, Legal-Bay is currently providing more funding for IVF filter cases. If you are involved in a pending lawsuit and are in need of litigation now, you can apply at

Legal-Bay is a litigation funding company that provides financial assistance to those who recently hired an attorney and can provide cash advances (sometimes referred to as litigation loans or litigation loans by plaintiffs) while cases are embroiled in litigation. These pre-settlement funds can help people dealing with lost wages, lost benefits, emotional stress, punitive damages, and legal fees. They are committed to helping victims of unlawful conviction or death, hospital or malpractice malpractice, pain and suffering, and specialize in funding lawsuits in civil rights, personal injury or automobile accidents, dismissal, sexual harassment or discrimination am Workplace and in civil cases where the plaintiff has an attorney.

Legal-Bay’s programs are repayable cash advances, also known as case finance. This means that you will only pay back the settlement advance if you win your case. None of the programs should be considered as litigation loan, litigation loan, settlement loan, settlement loan, pre-billing loan, pre-billing loan, pre-billing loan, or pre-billing loan.

Legal-Bay can now assist you with an advance payment for your lawsuit while you are fighting your case. To apply now, visit the company’s website at:


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