Trump Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook, Google, and Twitter

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We always knew that he considered himself in a class of his own.

(Hi I!)

From the Washington Post:

The lawsuits were filed in the southern district of Florida, and Trump said at a news conference in Bedminster, New Jersey that they would ask the court to issue an order blocking alleged corporate censorship of the American people from an end to shadowbanning, an end to the silence and an end to the blacklisting, banning and deletion that you know so well, ”said Trump. The lawsuits allege that by blocking its accounts, the companies violated Trump’s First Amendment rights, arguing that Facebook, in particular, should no longer be viewed as a private company but as a “state actor” whose actions are limited by the restrictions of the First Amendment state restrictions on freedom of expression. It is traditionally assumed that the First Amendment only restricts state measures, not those of private companies.

This is of course insane.

The Post is more charitable than I would “traditionally” do there. On God’s information superhighway, there is no way Facebook – or Twitter or Google, which is also suing El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago – is a “state actor”. And as you know, the lawsuit itself justifies this madness by leaving the temporal plane completely. He claims that when Facebook cracked down on the kind of defamation and dangerous misinformation that is its only reason for it, it acted at this point to fend off legislative action in the area. Because of this, the lawsuit argues, Congress turned Facebook into a state actor when it bounced off the former president. (Some people are upset that Major League Baseball moved its All Star Game out of Atlanta after that state legislature passed its new voter suppression laws that tried that argument less than a month ago.) The other way, as you know it is that the king is behind it already admonishing the Rubes for more money. (So, I want to note is the Republican National Committee.) From Business Insider:

One of the texts uses a dubious promise of “equal donations” of up to five times the original dollar amount, a practice Trump continues to adopt as other politicians have stopped doing it.

There are other flaws in this latest scam. According to Facebook’s Terms of Service, Zuckland can only be sued in California. The former president * submitted this vat of rancid fish stew in Florida. However, I tell you, I would feel a lot better if I believed 100 percent that no judge in the country would find these claims as unfounded as they are. But as the late Guy Clark warned us long ago, Lord, one would think there are fewer fools in this world.

Charles P. Pierce is the author of four books, most recently Idiot America, and has worked as a journalist since 1976.

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