Vital Farms Claims Humane Treatment of Chickens—PETA Lawyers Help File Class Action Lawsuit

You may have heard of Vital Farms eggs – you may even have spent more than $ 7 on a dozen branded eggs because they came in the box. Well, we aren’t buying it, and neither should you. PETA has assisted misled consumers in filing a class action lawsuit against Vital Farms, Inc. for allegedly making false claims of treating animals in an ethical and humane manner.

Chicks are slaughtered and chickens exposed for egg production

Male chickens do not lay eggs and therefore cannot be exploited for them. Dropping live chicks from a conveyor belt into a mill is a common disposal method in the industry. The lawsuit alleges that:

  • Vital Farms sources chickens from hatcheries that kill all male chicks at birth.

    Mercy for animalsThe images reflect typical US farm practices

  • Vital Farms supports the burning or cutting off of the highly sensitive beaks of chickens, a common practice in the industry to prevent stressed, overcrowded, caged chickens from pecking at each other – which would not be a problem with appropriate living conditions. including enough space.

    Mercy for animalsThe images reflect typical US farm practices

  • The birds at Vital Farms suppliers are kept in conditions that result in many of them spending most or all of their time indoors – not on “pastures” as the company would lure you with the words and pictures to believe in its products.

Chickens are forced to lay far more eggs than they naturally would

Consumers also claim that Vital Farms causes chickens to lay far more eggs than they would naturally, which puts a strain on their bodies and leads to health problems like osteoporosis. Also, based on the admissions of Vital Farms’ founder and chairman of the board, Matthew O’Hayer, consumers claim that if chickens no longer lay enough eggs to be profitable, they will be sold to pet food companies and likely killed next door for cheap meat, chickens raised on factory farms. Despite all of this, Vital Farms deceptively advertises its “humane treatment of farm animals” in every box, along with photos that misleadingly show that chickens can roam freely on green grass.

Image from a picture agency

The use of chickens for eggs is not human

More than 99% of the chickens used for food in the US live on farms, where workers cut the tips of their delicate beaks with a hot blade before cramming the birds into filthy pens. They can never breathe fresh air or feel the sun on their back until they are loaded into a dolly that goes to slaughter. The chickens develop lung lesions, ammonia burns, and breast blisters from sitting on floors covered with urine and feces. Organic, pasture, cage-free, free-range, and factory farms typically use the same slaughterhouses, where birds are hung upside down and their throats cut. Many of them are still conscious and can feel pain when submerged in the scorching water of the de-feathering tanks.

Image from a picture agency

The idea that chickens exist to provide eggs for humans is speciesist. Even at $ 7 per dozen, which is more than double the cost of other brands, Vital Farms eggs are the product of pain and suffering. They come from gentle and curious chickens that are locked up, tortured and ultimately killed. There is no retirement home for “used up” birds that are exploited for food – not even for “backyard eggs” and eggs that are sold in farmers’ markets. It’s all about profit. As soon as the animals can no longer pay rent, they go to the slaughterhouse. Being vegan is the only ethical way to eat, and no compassionate consumer should be fooled by marketing gimmicks that claim otherwise.

Those who care for animals need to make the connection: there is no humane way to take advantage of them.

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